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Office of Clinical Studies

It was the dawn of a new school year and for more than 300 teacher education students this meant that they would be taking their final step to becoming education professionals – the first day of student teaching.

This used to be a very one-sided affair, where the classroom teacher would leave the room and the student teacher would take control of the class.

But last year, the University of Delaware expanded its use of the coteaching model across its early childhood education (ECE) and elementary teacher education(ETE) programs, pairing students with 224 clinical educators from 42 pre-K-8 programs across five districts, five charter schools and three early childhood programs.

Coteaching brings two teachers together to work as partners throughout the semester. The experienced teacher, known as a “clinical educator,” and the education student, known as a “teacher candidate,” share planning and teaching strategies, regularly consulting each other about the activities of the classroom.

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