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Office of Clinical Studies

Jennifer Campos, a senior at Christiana High School (CHS), drew a large grid on the chalkboard and added three captions: Point of Confusion, Notes, and Steps. She then outlined the issues she was having plotting a graph while solving for x. Turning to the students in the University of Delaware’s EDUC 413 class she asked, “How would you help me work through this?”

Campos was one of six students from CHS’s Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program invited to join assistant professor Liz Pemberton’s education class, Adolescent Development and Educational Psychology, to help her students learn how to become AVID tutors.

The tutors are trained to use inquiry methods to facilitate the AVID tutorials as well as serve as role models.

The partnership between UD and the AVID program in local school districts gives UD secondary educationstudents an opportunity to gain hands-on experience applying the knowledge they’ve learned in the classroom.

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