UD student coteaches with teacher

The University of Delaware has implemented a coteaching model for student teaching in our Early Childhood Education, Elementary Teacher Education, and Secondary Science Education programs.

The clinical educators and teacher candidates form a professional partnership as they collaborate as coteachers during the student teaching experience. They collectively share the responsibilities of the classroom, placing a central emphasis on student learning. Coteaching provides opportunities for coteachers to work side-by-side while reflecting on their shared teaching practice.


Coteaching supports the learning of all of the participants: learners, clinical educators, and teacher candidates. The handouts and guides in the links below provide information about coteaching at UD.

  • WORDLBenefits of Coteaching describes the specific advantages for all participants in the coteaching classroom.
  • Coteaching Process shows how important it is for both coteachers to be involved in all aspects of teaching.
  • The Coteaching Guide is a document that was produced through the University of Delaware’s Coteaching Work Group. This guide will help coteachers during the student teaching experience. The strategies and information throughout the guide can help teaching teams in inclusion classrooms and other coteaching teams.
  • The Coteaching Strategies Quick Guide is a one-page list of the strategies that will be helpful in your coplanning sessions.

Additional Information