Safety Training for Education Students:

As you move around campus, off campus, and go into schools, the College of Education and Human Development wants you to have the information you need to be safer in your environment.  The University Council of Teacher Education has enacted a policy that all professional education candidates are required to participate in a one-hour safety training at two separate times during their studies. 

The first is required at the beginning of your first field experience.  This presentation includes safety information that includes safety walking to and from buildings, and with surroundings and the time of day.  It also addresses safety with strangers, sexual harassment, and how to safely use social media. 

The second safety training is required to be completed by the second week of the fall semester of your junior year.  This training turns more towards the skills you will need to keep yourself safe as you start to live on your own, student teach, graduate, and begin your professional life. 

You will receive an invitation to complete each of these trainings at the appropriate times.  The trainings are found on Canvas, but you will need to accept the invitation.  There are PowerPoints, short videos, articles, and other information to help you learn how to identify and react safely to situations.  Each training has small quizzes throughout, and an overall score of 80% is required to have successfully completed it. 

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