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Office of Clinical Studies

Student teachers at The College School

Overview of Field Experiences

Field experiences provide teacher candidates with opportunities to learn about the teaching profession in a real world setting and to apply what they are learning in their University courses. They are a great way to learn about the role of the teacher and to develop their professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

Field Experiences

The early field experiences include tutoring, mentoring, observing, working with individual or small groups of learners, and assisting in classrooms.

Methods field experiences during the junior and/or senior years build on the early field experiences and include working small groups of learners, teaching lessons, and completing classroom responsibilities.

Student Teaching Experience

Student teaching is the capstone field experience where teacher candidates teach in a classroom to learn about the role of the teacher in depth. Teacher candidates plan units and lessons, create a safe learning environment, develop formative and summative assessments, and engage with the larger school community during this semester- or year-long experience (depending on the teacher preparation program). Student teaching placements can take place in Delaware, surrounding school districts and even at international schools.