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Office of Clinical Studies

TB Clearance

All students taking a course with a field placement must have a cleared TB test on file with Student Health Services at Laurel Hall before the first day of the placement. Please note that a Tine (TD) or Monovac Test cannot be substituted for the TB Test. In addition, all student teachers must have a TB test within nine months of their student teaching placement according to state law. Students will not be permitted to go to a field placement, including student teaching, if they do not have a cleared TB test.

You may be asked to provide a paper copy of your TB test results to the school nurse. Please be sure to keep a copy of your test for your own records.

Has My TB Test Expired?

Use the table below to determine if your TB test is valid for the courses you are planning to take. Your TB test needs to be on file with Student Health Services at Laurel Hall. Your results can be hand-delivered or faxed to Student Health at 302-831-6407.

I am a Student Teacher:
I therefore need a TB clearance dated:
  Spring 2020 Semester    April 1, 2019 or later
  Fall 2020 Semester    November 1, 2019 or later
I am a Methods, Early Fields, or Block Student:
I therefore need a TB clearance dated:
   Winter 2020    April 1, 2017 or later
   Spring 2020    November 1, 2017 or later
   Summer 2020 Sessions    May 1, 2017 or later
   Fall 2020 Semester    August 1, 2017 or later

How Do I Find the Date of My Last TB Test?

  1. Go to the Student Health Home Page  http://www.udel.edu/studenthealth/
  2. Click on “Secure Student Health Portal”.
  3. Log in using your University of Delaware user name and password.
  4. Enter your date of birth when prompted.
  5. Select immunizations on the left.
  6. View your latest immunizations and TB testing. Confirm that your most recent test meets the requirements in the table above. If your test is no longer valid, then follow the directions below to complete a current TB test.

How Do I Request a Copy of my TB Clearance?

  1. To request a copy of your TB clearance:
    1. Go to www.udel.edu/studenthealth.
    2. Click on About Us at top of page.
    3. Click on Your Records.
    4. Request information from your SHS records
    5. You will then need to log onto their website.

How Do I Get a TB Test?

Student Health Services:
Click here to schedule your TB test at Student Health Services at Laurel Hall. You will be making your appointment through your online Student Health Services account. Please note that the system searches only one week in advance for available appointments. If you have problems making an appointment online, please call (302) 831-4150 to make an appointment.

Student Health Services will provide TB clinics in September, November, February, and May. These dates are reserved for students in teacher education majors who need to complete the TB test. We recommend that you take advantage of these clinics and schedule your TB test on one of these days.  This semester, TB clinic dates are: November 12th & 19th.

The cost for completing the TB test at Student Health Services is $10 for full-time students and $12 for part-time students.  Student health will bill your insurance company.


Testing Done By Your Health Care Provider:
If you complete the TB test off-campus, please have your health care provider complete the TB Clearance Form or provide appropriate documentation. Please make sure that the provider includes all of the data (e.g., date planted, read, mm induration, measurement) that is on the TB Clearance Form so that you are cleared. Take the completed form to Student Health Services located at Laurel Hall or fax it to them at 302-831-6407.

Do I Need To Complete a New TB Test If I Traveled?

If you traveled or lived for more than one month in another country since your last TB test, consult the TB Test and Traveling web page to see the list of countries that would not require you to complete a new TB test.


Please feel free to contact the Office of Clinical Studies at clinicalstudies@udel.edu and type “TB test” in the subject line if you have any questions.