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Office of Clinical Studies

Criminal Background Clearances

All students taking an eligible course with a field placement must have a valid criminal background clearance (CBC) on file in the Office of Clinical Studies by the first day of the semester. CBCs are only valid for one year (see table below). If you do not have a valid CBC on file with the Office of Clinical Studies by the first day of the semester, then you will be instructed to drop your course(s) with a field placement.

The CBC should be completed before you leave campus in the semester prior to taking a course with a field placement (e.g., complete the check by May for the Fall semester and by December for the Spring semester). Please note that it can take up to four weeks to for the Office of Clinical Studies to receive the results of your CBC from the state police.

Which Courses Require A Criminal Background Clearance?

Click here for the list of educator preparation courses that require a criminal background clearance.

Will A Background Clearance For An Employer Clear Me?

A background clearance for an employer will not clear you for field experiences. Most places of employment, even those that work with children and youth (e.g., the Early Learning Center), do not require the level of clearance necessary for a field placement or student teaching.

Are There Special Clearances Needed for Early Childhood Education Majors?

If you are an ECE major, you will eventually be placed at the ELC and Lab Preschool.  Therefore, you will need to take two additional forms with you when you are fingerprinted. For additional information, you will need to contact the Office of Clinical Studies at clinicalstudies@udel.edu.

If you currently or have been a resident in a state other than Delaware at any time during the past five years, you are required to complete out-of-state clearances.

Has My Criminal Background Clearance Expired?

Students in teacher education programs can log into the Office of Clinical Studies DRF in Taskstream to access the date of their most recent criminal background clearance (CBC). Then, use the table below to determine if your CBC is valid for the courses you are planning to take. You should keep a copy of your CBC, giving you a record of the date of your last check.


My last criminal background clearance was completed: These are the semesters/sessions through which my clearance is valid:
February 1, 2019 or later    Winter 2020
April 1, 2019 or later    Spring 2020
July 1, 2019 or later    Summer Session I 2020
August 1, 2019 or later    Summer Session II 2020
November 1, 2019 or later    Fall 2020

Where Do I Go To Complete The Criminal Background Clearance?

Students can complete the criminal background clearance (CBC) by going to State Police Troop 2 in Bear,  Troop 4 in Georgetown, or the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) Fingerprinting Facility in Dover. Troop 2 and 4 require appointments, which can be made by calling (302) 739-2528 and could be two weeks out. The SBI Fingerprinting Facility does not require an appointment and can process the CBC very quickly.

Click here for the directions and hours for Troop 2, Troop 4, and the SBI Fingerprinting Facility. Please note that anyone under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent with ID.

Transportation To Your Appointment

The Office of Clinical Studies provides van transportation during one week to Troop 2 in Bear during each semester. You will receive an email offering transportation. You must submit the request for van transportation found in the link below.  An appointment will be made for you during your requested time.

Registration for Van Transportation is now CLOSED.

Items To Take To Your Appointment

You will need to take the following items to your appointment.

  • The completed Criminal History Record Check Authorization Form. Eligible students will receive this form by email from the Office of Clinical Studies.  If you have not received this form, you can download it by accessing your Taskstream account.
  • At least one form of photo identification, such as a Driver’s License, School ID, or State ID. You do not need to bring a social security card or a birth certificate.
  • Payment of $18 in the form of cash or credit card/debit card. Personal checks, money orders, and American Express are not accepted.

Instructions at your Appointment

When checking in, inform the agent that you are a “STUDENT TEACHER FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE AND SHOULD BE CLASSIFIED AS A STUDENT TEACHER VOLUNTEER”. By presenting your completed Criminal History Record Check Authorization Form, the cost of your entire criminal background check (federal and state combined) will be only $18 instead of the regular $69.

After your Appointment

You will be given a verification receipt which indicates that you have been fingerprinted and that the SBI and FBI are processing your requests for your criminal history (which may take up to four weeks before University of Delaware receives them). Keep this verification receipt as proof.

You will receive a copy of your two-page criminal background history in the mail. PLEASE KEEP THIS COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS. DO NOT SEND OR SUBMIT THESE RESULTS TO THE UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE. The University of Delaware will be sent a copy of your results directly from the SBI and FBI.


Safely keep the copy of your criminal background clearance. However, if you lose this copy, you can request a copy from the Office of Clinical Studies by coming to our office.  You must appear in person and present a photo ID to pick up the copy at the Office of Clinical Studies at 200 Academy Street, Suite 103.  Office hours are 8:00 – 4:30, Monday thru Friday.


Please feel free to contact the Office of Clinical Studies at clinicalstudies@udel.edu and type “fingerprinting” in the subject line if you have any questions.