University of Delaware Office of Clinical Studies

 Welcome to your Field Experiences!

The Office of Clinical Studies (OCS) is here to assist you, a University of Delaware teacher candidate, by securing field placements that enhance your understanding of the best practices being explored in your classes on campus.  In addition to assisting teacher candidates, we provide support to faculty, cooperating teachers, and school administrators working with University of Delaware students.  Through all of our interactions, we emphasize our mutual goal; preparing the next generation of teachers while enhancing the experience of the students served in the sites we work with.

Students, cooperating teachers, and faculty will find the information they need to support their role in the field placements of students under the link for Clinical Field Experiences.  I invite you to spend some time exploring the other areas of our website to learn more about the exciting initiatives being undertaken to support UD teacher candidates while partnering with our local schools and community programs.

Linda S. Zankowsky, Ed.D, Associate Director of Clinical Studies

It’s time to review your background clearances for the summer and fall 2015 semester.  Use the Clearance Information links on the sidebar.


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