Coteaching Workshop

Join us for the upcoming workshop sponsored by the
Delaware Center
for Teacher Education

“Co-Teaching as Best Practice for Student Teaching”

Presented by: Dr. Teresa Washut Heck and Dr. Nancy Bacharach

Co-directors of the Academy for Co-Teaching and Collaboration at

St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, Minnesota

Place: University of Delaware
Perkins Student Center,
Ewings/Collins Rooms
325 Academy Street
Newark, Delaware
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DEADLINE for Registration is May 29!

Students and teachers at The College School for brochures and the website.

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The University of Delaware is exploring new approaches to the student teaching experience. Coteaching is a highly successful method of teacher preparation that provides a means for two teachers (novice and experienced) to share responsibilities for planning and teaching. In this model, instead of phasing the classroom teacher out of instruction so the pre-service teacher can “solo,” two adults work closely to deliver high quality instruction to the students. Tobin and Roth (2005) describe more opportunities for pupils to learn and opportunities for professional growth of the coteachers as a dual purpose of a coteaching model. Research has shown significant gains in student learning in cotaught classrooms when compared to student learning in traditional student teaching classrooms and experienced single teacher classrooms (St. Cloud University, 2010).
Join us in learning more by clicking on these links:
· coteaching click here UD Coteaching Brochure
· qualities of a cooperating Coteacher click here Cooperating Co-Teacher Characteristics

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